This section of the website is designed to keep you informed about the progress made on the final remediation of the site.  All remediation work is scheduled to be completed by March of 2020. Many action items have been completed or are substantially complete already. To avoid remediation work during the winter, Cherokee has proposed an accelerated timeline from what is provided under the Minster’s Order.

Former Domtar Wood Treatment Plant Property Parcels X, C and Y

Cherokee – AEP Task Tracking
ItemTaskCherokee Submission DateAEP Confirmation DateComments
1Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) for dioxins for whole site submitted to AEP Deputy Minister March 4Technically complete (some changes required to match AEP requirements)
2Develop and implement temporary dust control programMarch 19N/ACOMPLETE
3Cherokee Work Program (Go-Forward Plan)April 1Letter from Dill to Lapointe
4Remedial Plans for Bera and ParketteApril 18April 30Thurber plan to Lapointe accepted
5End point instrumentsMay 3In progressClarifications required
6Dust control programMay 10July 18To be used during all site activities COMPLETE
7Set technical review meeting to discuss risk assessment approach, methods, conclusionsMay 13New date to be confirmed by AEPRequired attendees AEP and Cherokee experts in risk assessment
8Conceptual Site Model (CSM) preliminary data packageMay 15COMPLETE - CSM will evolve as data is added
9Resident meetingMay 24May 24No access agreement yet from specific homeowner
10Parkette in Parcel C excavation access agreementMay 21N/ACity has agreed to remedial plan. Access agreement being completed
11Site Specific Risk Assessment (SSRA) for whole siteMay 29Risk assessment for non-dioxin contaminants for humans and ecological receptors
12Remove Parcel C fencing on southeast lotsJune 3AEP to remove fencing
13Place fencing on north boundary of southeast lots Parcel CJune 4Cherokee to place fence on northern boundary COMPLETE
14Site Specific Remediation Criteria (SSRC) ApprovalHHRA and SSRA submittedNeeded as soon as possible for delineation and remediation plans
15Delineation Plans – Parcel X, Parcel C and Parcel Y June 10June 28 to July 12Delineation needs to pre-date remediation timing depends on establishing Site Specific Remediation Criteria (SSRC)
16Remediation Plans for Parcel Y development areaMarch 4Remediation needs to be complete before winter conditions
17Delineation Assessment workField work begun July 15Drilling and sampling finished July 31Drilling and sampling work in all Parcels
18Remediation Plans – other areasTentatively
August 30
Based on SSRC for each Parcel
19Updated Delineation data reportAugust 9Data from drilling and sampling submitted as it becomes available
20Remediation in Parcel Y development areaTentatively beginning
August 12
Prepare access road, begin excavations
21Final CSMTentatively
August 16
Addition of latest data and pathways and receptors to CSM
22Risk Management PlansTentatively
September 27
For Exposure Control on Parcel X and berm on Parcel Y
23Long Term Monitoring PlansTentatively
September 27
Part of Risk Management Plan
24Complete Remediation WorkTentatively
November 7
Reports to follow

Updated July 31, 2019.