Media Release (August 27, 2018)

Cherokee Canada Looks Forward to Commencement of Environmental Appeals Hearing

Review Provides First Objective Opportunity to Present its Challenges

(August 27, 2018 – Edmonton, AB) – Cherokee Canada looks forward to the commencement of today’s hearings by the Environmental Appeals Board involving issues arising from the development of the Verte Homesteader community in northeast Edmonton.

The hearing is Cherokee Canada’s first opportunity to challenge actions taken by a Compliance Director within the Ministry of Environment and Parks.

According to John Dill, Managing Director of Cherokee Canada, many attempts have been made to respond to the issues put forward by this Compliance Director. “Our willingness to attend to the issues has fallen on deaf ears, which left us no choice but to appeal to the Environmental Appeals Board,” says Dill.

In addition to applying different and often inconsistent rules to the development project, Cherokee alleges that the Compliance Director has distributed incorrect information about the state of the site and the processes used by Cherokee in the development of the community.

The hearing, which was to have commenced July 23, 2018 was postponed due to an allegation of bias made against the Appeals Board made by the Compliance Director despite the fact that the Appeals Board is an independent, non-governmental authority. This allegation was rejected by the Appeals Board in an August 2, 2018 decision and the hearing was ordered to proceed.

“We are more than relieved that this hearing is proceeding,” said Dill. “This is our first opportunity for our work and plan moving forward to be reviewed by an objective tribunal. We are looking forward to completing this project and continuing to return this land to productive use.”

Media Contact Information:

John Dill
(416) 364-3389