Media Release (July 20, 2018)

Media Statement

Cherokee Expresses Frustration over Decision to Adjourn Hearings

Delays Get In the Way of Addressing Company’s Concerns Over Government’s Actions

(July 20, 2018 – Edmonton) – On July 18, 2018 the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board announced the adjournment of the scheduled hearing into matters related to the development of the Verte Homesteader community in northeast Edmonton.  The hearing, which was to commence this coming Monday, July 23, was scheduled many months ago and was set to provide Cherokee the opportunity to show the inconsistency of the rules applied by the Compliance Director working within the Ministry of Environment and Parks.

The decision to adjourn the hearing came at the behest of the Compliance Director who instigated the adjournment citing bias on the part of the Appeal Board, an independent non-governmental authority that gives Albertans an opportunity to appeal certain decisions made by Alberta Environment and Parks.  “It is indeed frustrating that not only has the Compliance Director demonstrated inconsistency in the application of his own environmental rules, now he is attempting to circumvent the processes created to ensure review and fairness in the application of its decisions,” says John Dill Managing Director of Cherokee Canada.  “We are struggling to understand why the Compliance Director cannot simply allow for the hearing to occur and to allow constituents their rightful access to a hearing.”

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