Media Release (June 28, 2018)

Soil results confirm safety of Verte Homesteader development 

Cherokee Properties Inc responds to Government of Alberta soil review results

For Immediate Release

Media Release

(June 28, 2018 – Edmonton) – Today the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Parks released information about the results of the soil review undertaken by the Alberta Government in the Verte Homesteader neighbourhood in Northeast Edmonton.

The test results confirmed there to be no health concerns in the surface soil of homeowner’s properties in the neighbourhood. Four specific areas outside of the homeowner properties and on undeveloped land were found to contain trace levels of some chemicals above screening levels that warrants further investigation.

“These findings confirm what we have been saying all along,” said John Dill, Managing Director of Cherokee Properties and developer of the site.  “In advance of any development in the project area, we conducted some 800 different 3rd party soil samples which were part of the development process.  We have always sought to insure this is a safe development,” said Dill.

Cherokee will present their concerns about the government’s action in July at an environmental appeals board hearing.  The hearing will review Cherokee’s concerns over the merits of the Ministry’s actions.

“The actions taken by the Ministry have generated needless concern, said Dill with potential financial consequence for homeowners and builders.  Over the 10-year development process, we followed stringent environmental reviews prescribed by the Ministry in order to move forward on the development of this site.  The development of the community would NOT have proceeded without the necessary authorizations from the Government of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, including the remediation certificate, approvals for subdivision, site plan, and building permits for housing construction. We continue to be at a loss to understand why the Ministry of Environment and Park has taken such actions in the manner they have.” said Dill.

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