Media Release (March 14, 2019)


Environmental Appeals Board Quashes Orders and Confirms Community is Safe

Report establishes that Director’s orders were “incorrect and unreasonable”

 (March 14, 2019 – Edmonton, AB) – Cherokee Canada Inc. is pleased with today’s release of the Environment Appeals Board (EAB) Report and Recommendations which reverses all of  the enforcement orders imposed by the Ministry and makes clear that there “is no immediate risk to these residents and other people.” 

The EAB determined that the property developer, Cherokee Canada Inc. “legitimately believed they had obtained the required authorization” to move forward with the development. The Report states that “the Director’s decision to issue the enforcement orders with respect to the Verte Homesteader Community was both incorrect and unreasonable.” What’s more, the EAB determined that “the Director was incorrect and unreasonable in concluding that contaminated materials on the site and the berm was hazardous waste.”

“We appreciate the thoroughness of the EAB Report and its acceptance by the Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips,” said John Dill Managing Director of Cherokee.”  “This Report confirms that we conducted the remediation based on sound science and in compliance with the plans submitted and approved by Alberta Environment and Parks until their change of position by new staff years later.”

According to Dill, “We have conducted ourselves with integrity throughout the re-development process to ensure a healthy and safe community and to promote a viable development and we would not compromise on our responsibility to create a safe community.”

Cherokee is reviewing the new process recommended in the Report and is looking forward to working with Alberta Environment and Parks in completing the remaining issues within the timelines as set out in the Minister’s decision.  Cherokee is confident that it can proceed with the redevelopment of lands as originally contemplated and approved by the City of Edmonton and the neighbourhood.

Media Contact Information:

John Dill  (416) 364-3389